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Bovespa shows the first results of its Business Activity Monitoring Initiative

São Paulo, Brazil: August 10, 2007 - The Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo (Bovespa), the biggest Stock Exchange Organization in Latin America, shows the first results and benefits of its BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) initiative.

Bovespa has begun to control the behavior of its most important business transactions and mission critical applications, using the BAM approach and the AppMetrics technology. The Organization can now tell the application managers about the service level and the utilization profile, which assists in the control and management of production performance, application problems, capacity planning and also in the ongoing enhancement, development and testing of the applications.

Carlos Faria, Quality and Production Planning Manager, said that: "There are several benefits of monitoring the applications, using this business approach. The data generated by the tool, allows us to periodically check the response times of the key transactions of the system; to predict the peak times of simultaneous users access; and to track the number of transactions on a monthly basis".

Renato Machado, Quality and Architecture Administrator, sees significant value in aligning IT and the Business goals, which is one of Bovespa's main goals. He said that: "We are able to monitor the systems like a user, not with a purely technical view, as before."

Fabio Casado, the Systems Architecture Projects Coordinator, reinforced that the use of the tool in the system test phase allows Bovespa to build a more detailed and predictable view of the systems anticipated behavior, ‘avoiding big surprises’ in production. For instance, when the application doesn't achieve the response times compatible with those required by the business unit.

All this is made possible by using Xtremesoft´s AppMetrics tool, and with the consulting of Consequor Tecnologia, to monitor and diagnose application issues based on Microsoft´s +COM technologies. The technology provides proactive information about the behavior of the application's business transactions allowing for the quick isolation of the problem components and methods. Without the AppMetrics tool, the reason for the application stopping is unknown. Production reports often say there was ‘no problem’. It is also utilized in the definition and control of the service level for each application's business transactions, providing an actual vision of the application behavior in production, independent of the infra-structure's metrics, like servers, network, etc. The focus of the tool is all on the application.

Consequor Tecnologia (www.consequor.com.br) is the first company in Brazil to focus exclusively on the monitoring and diagnostics of applications based on Microsoft's +COM and .NET technology. Consequor has many success stories in Brazil.

For more information, please contact Mauricio Medina, Consequor Tecnologia, 55 11 30827036 / 49316323, or mauricio.medina@consequor.com.br.

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