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Xtremesoft Releases AppMetrics for .NET Serviced Components

Tool targets .NET developers - fills gap in .NET application diagnostic capabilities

Woburn, Massachusetts: November 1, 2005 - Xtremesoft announced today that it has released AppMetrics for .NET Serviced Components.

Peeling the .NET application performance ‘onion’ gets easier with AppMetrics for .NET serviced components.

This new product from Xtremesoft allows you to quickly identify the specific module that's decreasing your .NET application's performance and pinpoint the problem components and methods, so that your time is focused on the problem.

AppMetrics for .NET serviced components provides drill down, diagnostic and timing reports that show you your method and component timings as well as your components and transactions, started, completed and aborted, and highlighting the ones that need attention.

It answers the questions:

  • Which component and method is slowing down the application?
  • Where are the leaks in my application?
  • Which component is hanging?
  • Where should I invest optimization resources?
  • Why did performance change between versions?

Xtremesoft AppMetrics® solutions make these applications more reliable and efficient by improving control and uptime, reducing outages and bottlenecks, and by increasing their ROI and improving customer metrics.

Xtremesoft solutions are the de facto market standard and are in use today at over 100 major insurers, Banks, logistics and retail enterprises across the world.

Contact Xtremesoft at 781.937.3800 or visit our website at www.xtremesoft.com for more information.


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